Day 10 - The Sites are Up!
Dan Bosch
Janus Chow
Rachel Graham
Jonathan Bartlett Rebecca Hirschman
Chris Cheng Philip Merrick
Audrey Higgins Alex Porell
Rachel Jonasse Delon Warren
Dave Kukfa Joshua Wingender
Patrick Leo Alicia Wyble
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Day Nine - Last Day
The sites are...not up yet...but they will be soon! We are so close!! Remember tomorrow we present! The comic to the right and below is what I do not want you to do today unless you are finished!

Thursday, July 31st Agenda

1. Finish websites!

2. Organize ftp so Heather won?t be confused tonight (I will help).

3. Group comic.
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By Gogh on July 30, 2008 at 9:07pm EDT Add Comment

Day Eight
Wednesday, July 30th Agenda

Hey, I we didn't group critique! After reading today's posts, let's do a quick critique ? open your comics and get ready!


1. Finish up everything for website and save for web in a folder on the desktop called ?namesite?. You can also make a background instead of using plain color using photoshop and save that to the folder as well.

2. Watch Dreamweaver demo carefully. Read handy dandy handout when stuck. Is there anything else you want to include on your site? Upload this folder to the ftp.

3. Debug

Above is a comic from The Secret Friend Society and below is a experimental comic by Rebecca. Make sure you click on them!
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Day Seven
Tuesday, July 29th Agenda

1. Experimental comic work day. Don?t forget to add to your reflection about it.

2. Title Banner (72 dpi 600x200px) and Logo Button (72dpi 150x50) for website.

Think about overall design and color scheme for your site. Check out CSS Zen Garden for some ideas.

3. Group critique of work. Make any revisions based on critique.

4. Make your cartoon say something for your site...such as ?thanks for checking out my comic?.
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Day Six
Week Two! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Did anyone do anything fun?

I?m excited about week two for two reasons: One - since we know how to make web comics, now we can have a little fun experimenting and two - we get to show off our hard work by creating a website! Everything must be finished by Thursday, because Friday is presentation day!

I know that we are finishing up our traditional cartoon comics, but did anyone think about their experimental comics and want to share their wild ideas?

The one posted here is from Check out the archive, the artist does some wonderfully unexpected things.
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By Gogh on July 27, 2008 at 5:21pm EDT Add/View Comments (13)

One week down...
One week to go!

What a fun week! Everyone's work looks great so far. I just want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend! See ya on Monday.

I posted Rachel's Cartoon for her friend. Make sure you click on it to see the great details.

Also check out this's hilarious! :P

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Day Five
Well we really didn't get to a "fun filled day of inking" because of our silly scanner issues, but definitely today is the day!! Lets work hard and focus today so next week we will have time to experiment before finishing our workshop with our personal websites. Again, I know inking is the most tedious part of the process but once it is finished the rest just flies.

For Friday, July 25th Agenda ? Comic Time!

1. Finish inking and add color!

2. Shading and effects.

3. Speech bubbles if we have time.

Now lets see the pro add color to Spiderman!
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By Gogh on July 24, 2008 at 5:34pm EDT Add/View Comments (10)

Day Four
I'm so excited by the quality of your work! I'm envisioning wonderful websites!! So far, your ideas from yesterday's brainstorming are extremely promising. I can't wait to see them finished. Remember to think about how good you?ll feel when you finish a highly crafted comic because it will help motivate you to create your best. As you know from your cartoons, controlled and well thought out steps will make something (like our comics!!) beautifully and uniquely you!

Thursday, July 23rd Agenda

1. Activate our brain with silly "fill in the bubbles" activity (that I forgot yesterday...oops).

2. Finish our brainstorming!

3. Make panel layout on photoshop.

4. Draw our cartoons ? light at first and then darken final drawing.

5. Scan into photoshop.

6. Fun filled day of inking.

Below check out this cool video of a pro inking his comic...proof that you can get better and faster with practice!

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Day Three
Wow, we learned a lot yesterday via our silly photoshop collages and we are making great progress on our cartoons. We need to focus today to be able to finish a quality cartoon.

Wednesday, July 23rd Agenda

1. Finish inking our cartoons?then add color and a fun background.

2. Fun and goofy ?fill in the bubbles? activity to get us in the right mode for brainstorming our comic.

3. Will we have time to brainstorm today? I don?t know, but if you?re ready, I?m ready!

The comic above is by Chari Pere I stumbled on it recently and found it delightful. Read some of her comic from her site to ease into our day on the right foot.
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By Gogh on July 22, 2008 at 8:24pm EDT Add/View Comments (11)

Day Two
Yesterday was a lot of fun getting to know each other and doing our research! Since most of you don?t read web comics much, I?m glad we took the time to look at other cool comics on the web.

So the problem was fixed on our blog so we can post comments now! Yay!! Register an account please.

Tuesday, July 22th Agenda

1. Photoshop demo ? saving images, layers, inking, text tool, and filters.

1. Learning Photoshop by making a cartoon of ourselves. First, let?s take digital photos of ourselves.

2. Please take your time inking and coloring you cartoon. This should take all day for a quality cartoon.
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By Gogh on July 21, 2008 at 8:51pm EDT Add/View Comments (7)
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